Series 3 - Episode 2



Crop circles in a field grab the attention of the local sci-fi community, and a farmer initially angry about all the vandalism on her land soon sees an opportunity to charge people to view them. Meanwhile, Lyle falls for a paralegal working against him on a case and Beatrice fills in for Gloria on reception. Guest starring Sandi Toksvig, with Stephen Fry, Karl Davies and Hermione Norris.

Cast & Crew

Peter Kingdom Stephen Fry
Lyle Anderson Karl Davies
Beatrice Kingdom Hermione Norris
Gloria Millington Celia Imrie
Sydney Snell Tony Slattery
DC Yelland Gerard Horan
Ted Thomas Fisher
Nigel Pearson John Thomson
Emily Kate O'Flynn
Terry Neil Dudgeon
Mr Dodds Colin Baker
Dan Pax Baldwin
Connor Damian Kell
Liam Richard Frame
Miss Dodds Amy Marston
Judge Harrison Tim Bentinck
Geraldine Sandi Toksvig
Director Metin Huseyin
Producer Georgina Lowe
Writer Guy Burt
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