Series 1 - Episode 1



The first-ever episode of the drama, starring Stephen Fry. Following the mysterious disappearance six months previously of his brother and business partner Simon, Peter Kingdom collects his belongings from the police station. Although he is still mourning his loss, life for the respected small-town solicitor must go on. With Hermione Norris and Celia Imrie.

Cast & Crew

Peter Kingdom Stephen Fry
Beatrice Kingdom Hermione Norris
Gloria Millington Celia Imrie
Lyle Anderson Karl Davies
Sidney Snell Tony Slattery
Aunt Auriel Phyllida Law
Ted Thomas Fisher
DC Yelland Gerard Horan
Mrs Thing Maryann Turner
Damien Larsen Neil Stuke
Sheila Larsen Lynsey de Paul
Susie Bennett Katharine Burford
Mark Larsen Luke Mably
Rupert Bennett James Thornton
Director Robin Sheppard
Executive Producer Simon Wheeler
Executive Producer Stephen Fry
Producer Georgina Lowe
Writer Alan Whiting
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