Series 1 - Episode 1



The second series of this Dublin gangland drama won a string of awards in Ireland, but be warned: this first series doesn’t exactly fly out of the blocks. We join a group of likeable, dopey young men as one gets out of jail and another returns from Spain where he’s been avoiding prosecution. The lightweight opening scenes are a hint that something violent is about to happen, and when it does, the repercussions echo through the rest of the episode.

There are excellent touches – the tough guy henpecked by his young wife; the strained conversation about repaying a debt to the gang leader – but the tone is uneven, to say the least. Give it time.


Criminal Darren Treacy risks a return to Dublin for a weekend to celebrate his brother's release from prison, having fled to Spain after a gun was found at his house. However, a tragic event forces him to stay longer than planned - and he soon finds himself being drawn back into old conflicts. Gangland drama, starring Robert Sheehan and Aidan Gillen.

Cast & Crew

Darren Treacy Robert Sheehan
John Boy Power Aidan Gillen
Rosie Ruth Negga
Nidge Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Mary Treacy Ruth Bradley
Hughie Power Brian Gleeson
Elmo Lawrence Kinlan
Trish Aoibhinn McGinnity
Tommy Killian Scott
Stephen `Stumpy' Doyle Peter Campion
Pat Peter Gowan
Siobhan Charlie Murphy
Robbie Treacy Chris Newman
Mrs Martin Ingrid Craigie
Mrs Curry Ruth Hegarty
Journalist Damien Devaney
Director David Caffrey
Executive Producer James Flynn
Executive Producer Simon Massey
Producer Suzanne McAuley
Writer Stuart Carolan
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