Previous Convictions

Series 5 - Episode 1 Previous Convictions



The barrister defends a political activist accused of causing the deaths of 22 people. As the case progresses, he finds an echo of his own youthful idealism in the defendant's dedication to her cause - and starts to wonder if she has been set up as a scapegoat. Legal drama, starring John Thaw, Alec McCowen, Amanda Ryan and Penny Downie.

Cast & Crew

James Kavanagh QC John Thaw
Mr Justice Mansell Alec McCowen
Charlotte Sinclair Amanda Ryan
Rosalind McEnery Penny Downie
Francis Durden Niall Buggy
Peter Foxcott QC Oliver Ford Davies
Jeremy Aldermarten Nicholas Jones
Tom Buckley Cliff Parisi
Lizzie Kavanagh Lisa Harrow
Julia Piper Anna Chancellor
Alex Wilson Jenny Jules
Matt Kavanagh Tom Brodie
Kate Kavanagh Daisy Bates
Sir Henry Dorrister Moray Watson
Dr Derek Buxton Sam Cox
Luke Nick Patrick
Judge Trafford John Carlisle
Susan Hutton Carol Harrison
Producer Chris Kelly
Writer Stephen Churchett
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