Saints and Sinners

Series 20 - Episode 4 Saints and Sinners



A lawyer is shot dead, but despite the gun being left at the scene, there are few clues for the team to go on - until Reid and Burke visit the man's widow, who is surprisingly unmoved by her loss. It soon transpires she is having an affair with her late husband's business partner, and neither of them has an alibi for the time of the murder. Starring Blythe Duff, Alex Norton and John Michie.

Cast & Crew

Det Sgt Jackie Reid Blythe Duff
DI Robbie Ross John Michie
DCI Matt Burke Alex Norton
DC Stuart Fraser Colin McCredie
Gemma Kerr Lesley Harcourt
Charlie Muir Frank Gallagher
Martha Ramsay Louise Ludgate
Robert Ramsay Stevie Hannan
Adele Flett Jane Gurnett
Martin Turner Campbell Morrison
Thomas McLeish Billy Mack
Lord Falkland Gareth Thomas
Monica Muir Jane Stabler
Ben Ramsay Gary Collins
Betty McGoldrick Maureen Carr
Richard Flett Sean O'Kane
Susan Jane Nelson Peebles
Sean Drew Carter-Cain
Joanna Joanna Bett
Ben's nurse Mairi Morrison
Muir's nurse Amanda Gilliland
Director Patrick Harkins
Producer Graeme Gordon
Writer Chris Dolan
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