Two and a Half Men

Zejdz z Moich Wlosow (Get Off My Hair)

Series 2 - Episode 13 Zejdz z Moich Wlosow (Get Off My Hair)



Judith's home is damaged in an earthquake, prompting Alan to let her stay in the beach house. However, Charlie can't stand having her around, and pays an attractive woman to date his brother in an effort to drive her away. Starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Harper Charlie Sheen
Alan Harper Jon Cryer
Jake Harper Angus T Jones
Judith Harper Marin Hinkle
Rose Melanie Lynskey
Berta Conchata Ferrell
Camille Nicole Forester
Inga Magdalena Zielinska
Director Pamela Fryman
Writer Chuck Lorre
Writer Lee Aronsohn
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