Risotto Rice

Series 1 - Episode 2 Risotto Rice



This series is a cookery show, of course, but also a geography lesson and a pop quiz. So as Simon Hopkinson whirls his way through a risotto (“energetic stirring is vital”), and we pop to Italy to see where the arborio rice comes from, we try to identify the songs on the soundtrack (Passenger by Iggy Pop/If You Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder).

Music is important to Hopkinson: each edition starts with him putting on an LP. Certainly the music livens things up as we watch him at his local supermarket cooing over coconut milk. In this episode he makes pancakes with Parma ham and shares a tip: always throw out your first pancake, it’s useful only to season the pan.


Food writer Simon Hopkinson demonstrates how to create restaurant-quality food at home, preparing risotto alla Parmigiana, tandoori chicken, and Parma ham and asparagus pancakes. He also creates a quiche Lorraine and a coffee granita.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Simon Hopkinson
Executive Producer Simon Knight
Executive Producer Pete Lawrence
Series Producer Simon Kerfoot