More Than Meets the Eye

Series 1 - Episode 1 More Than Meets the Eye



Chilling supernatural drama, starring Andrew Lincoln as a sceptical psychology lecturer who takes his class to an evening of clairvoyance, where he is intrigued by the honesty and reluctance of a psychic woman (Lesley Sharp). However, his surprise turns to shock when she claims to see the spirit of his dead son, marking the start of a turbulent and emotional rollercoaster.

Cast & Crew

Alison Mundy Lesley Sharp
Dr Robert Bridge Andrew Lincoln
Barbara Sinyard Kate Duchene
Jude Bridge Anna Wilson-Jones
Veronica Vass Cara Horgan
Josh Joshua David-Kennedy
Jen Rhian Grundy
Phil Joe Anderson
James Rasmus Hardiker
Mother Anna Farnworth
Father Rad Lazar
Young Veronica Ella Morris
Little boy James Nelson-Tumber
Mrs Yearsly Oscar James
Mrs Yearsly Jay Bird
Arthur Rose Colin Prockter
Woman Maureen Bennett
Clive Gilman Sandy Welch
Surgeon Gail Clayton
Anaesthetist Simon Capes
Postman Alisdair McKee
Director Maurice Phillips
Producer Murray Ferguson
Writer Stephen Volk
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