Friday Night Dinner

The Date

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Date



Adam arrives for dinner at mum and dad’s, but things seem a little off-kilter. Dad Martin (Paul Ritter, who should be crowned a comedy king in a special ceremony) is dressed in a suit, the table is laid with flowers and “mum’s posh bowls” — and there’s an extra place set for dinner. Of course, it’s a trap, one that Adam (Simon Bird) walks straight into when mum (super Tamsin Greig) announces that Tanya Green will be joining the Goodman family for their end-of-the-week get-together.
Poor unsuspecting Adam has been set up on a date by his infuriatingly well-meaning mother and what follows is excruciating: an acutely painful succession of burps and nosebleeds from dad and inappropriateness from mum (“Give her a kiss hello, Adam”).
But even these levels of raw embarrassment count for nothing when weird neighbour Jim (Mark Heap) arrives with Winston, his lugubrious dog. Winston has swallowed Jim’s keys, which is the cue for a toe-curling sequence with man, beast, a newspaper and a twig.
It’s the last episode of Robert Popper’s cheerfully silly comedy. Oh, how I will miss it.


Adam is shocked to find his mother has set him up on a date by inviting Tanya Green to dinner, and his father has dressed in a suit for the occasion. Meanwhile, Jim is locked out of his house when his dog swallows his keys. Comedy, starring Simon Bird. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Mum Tamsin Greig
Dad Paul Ritter
Adam Simon Bird
Jonny Tom Rosenthal
Jim Mark Heap
Tanya Green Tuppence Middleton
Director Steve Bendelack
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Executive Producer Nira Park
Writer Robert Popper
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