Charity Case

Series 17 - Episode 12 Charity Case



The husband of a well-known actress is gunned down outside a shop while holding a baby the couple had recently adopted from Africa. The murder inquiry soon turns into an investigation about a child's death when the identity of the adopted infant comes under question. Guest starring Anna Chlumsky (My Girl) and Jennifer Beals (Lie to Me).

Cast & Crew

Det Ed Green Jesse L Martin
Det Nina Cassady Milena Govich
Lt Anita Van Buren S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy Sam Waterston
ADA Connie Rubirosa Alana De La Garza
DA Arthur Branch Fred Dalton Thompson
Mary Calvin Anna Chlumsky
Lashonda Harris Aliya Campbell
Attorney Farmer Billy Burke
Sofia Archer Jennifer Beals
Director Michael Pressman
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Nicholas Wootton
Executive Producer Matthew Penn
Executive Producer Peter Jankowski
Writer Nicholas Wootton
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