Pastures New

Series 7 - Episode 8 Pastures New



Dr Burnett is called out to a dilapidated farmhouse, where a teenager is running a high fever and his family seems to be struggling to cope. As the staff try to diagnose the youngster's illness, his pregnant mother is rushed to the hospital with the same symptoms and is left fighting for her life. Meanwhile, Ormerod and Rose attend to Sir Edward Fawcett, an eccentric explorer who wants to hike around Mexico, despite having a condition that means his days of adventure are over. Medical drama, guest starring Brian Blessed and Phyllis Logan.

Cast & Crew

Nurse Marian McKaig Kari Corbett
Matron Wendy Craig
Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Jack Bell Gareth Hale
Lizzie Hopkirk Michelle Hardwick
Dr Nick Burnett Damian O'Hare
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Susie Dixon Sarah Beck Mather
Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Alun Morris Andy Wear
Malcolm Watts David Birrell
Simon Watts James Baxter
Mary Watts Angela Simpson
Sir Edward Fawcett Brian Blessed
Bobby Sheridan Christopher Coghill
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Lady George Fawcett Phyllis Logan
Inspector David Beckford
Farmer Mark Montgomerie
Adam Carnegie Robert Cavanah
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Jonathan Critchley
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