Love Always

Series 1 - Episode 4 Love Always



The group's services are enlisted to protect a South Korean ambassador and presidential candidate attending his son's wedding. The team members vet the guests for signs of anger, anxiety or resentment, but when the groom is shot dead, it becomes clear they were guarding the wrong person. VIP status means the guests can only be detained for a few hours, so the investigators must race to find the killer.

Cast & Crew

Dr Cal Lightman Tim Roth
Dr Gillian Foster Kelli Williams
Eli Loker Brendan Hines
Ria Torres Monica Raymund
Paul Aronson Tom Verica
Karl Dupree Sean Patrick Thomas
Alec Foster Tim Guinee
Phoebe Headling Amanda Schull
Ambassador Park Jung-Soo Kelvin Han Yee
Howard Crease Jake M Johnson
Bodyguard Brian Tee
Director Tim Hunter
Writer Tom Szentgyorgyi
Writer Steven Maeda
Writer TJ Brady
Writer Rasheed Newson
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