Secret Santa

Series 2 - Episode 8 Secret Santa



Lightman questions an American aid worker who joined the Taliban, to find out if he is telling the truth about the location of two captured marines. The detective's instincts tell him that there are twists in the apparent traitor's tale. Tim Roth stars.

Cast & Crew

Dr Cal Lightman Tim Roth
Dr Gillian Foster Kelli Williams
Eli Loker Brendan Hines
Ria Torres Monica Raymund
Emily Lightman Hayley McFarland
Agent Ben Reynolds Mekhi Phifer
Franko James Vincent/Glen Welsh Michael A Goorjian
John Parks Jason Gedrick
Ed Komisky Mark Rolston
Mrs Lennox April Grace
Mrs Perriman Myra Turley
Jim Christopher Amitrano
Rick Massey Carter Jenkins
Mrs Welsh Muriel Minot
Eric Jeff Newburg
Director Michael Zinberg
Writer Alexander Cary
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