In Sickness and in Health

Series 14 - Episode 12 In Sickness and in Health



Conclusion of a two-part storyline. A kidnap case leaves Vernon's plans for Liz and Ben's wedding in chaos, while Helen's dreams of a fresh start for her and Matt look set to be shattered. Jenny is relieved when she finally gets a medical diagnosis explaining her recent symptoms, but the news brings a difficult decision for husband Dennis, who has to choose between his wife and his police career. Starring newcomer Sophie Ward, Oliver Montgomery, Duncan Bell and Sarah Tansey.

Cast & Crew

Jenny Merton Sarah Tansey
Sgt Dennis Merton Duncan Bell
Dr Helen Trent Sophie Ward
Matthew Trent Oliver Montgomery
PC Rob Walker Jonathan Kerrigan
Gina Ward Tricia Penrose
Oscar Blaketon Derek Fowlds
Alf Ventress William Simons
PC Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon
David Stockwell David Lonsdale
Bernie Scripps Peter Benson
Vernon Scripps Geoffrey Hughes
Rosie Cartwright Vanessa Hehir
Dr Liz Merrick Aislin McGuckin
Ben Norton Richard Lintern
Lord Charles Ashfordly Rupert Vansittart
Fiona Frances Carrigan
Angela Price Emma Amos
Gordon Price Jonathan Coy
Carter Andrew Grainger
Gerry Merrick Kevin Moore
Dr Lawson Albert Welling
Vicar David Woodcock
Director Roger Bamford
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Producer Archie Tait
Writer John Flanagan
Writer Andrew McCulloch
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