Inspector George Gently

Gently Evil

Series 3 - Episode 1 Gently Evil



A young woman's body is found in a seemingly idyllic Northumberland coastal village in 1966, and the subsequent investigation leads Gently and Bacchus to suspect the victim's estranged husband is responsible for the killing. However, they soon come to realise her disturbed family is hiding an even more shocking secret. Starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby, with Daniel Casey (Midsomer Murders), Shaun Dooley (Married Single Other), Paul Kaye (Two Thousand Acres of Sky) and Greg Hemphill (Still Game).

Cast & Crew

George Gently Martin Shaw
John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
Alan Charlton Daniel Casey
Darren Paige Shaun Dooley
Mrs Paige Ruth McCabe
Sarah Simmons Neve McIntosh
Agnes Charlton Natalie Garner
Lisa Bacchus Melanie Clark Pullen
Max Osgood Paul Kaye
Neil McManus Greg Hemphill
Mr Williams Jonny Owen
Mr Smith Matthew Zajac
PC Taylor Simon Hubbard
Pathologist Tim Dann
Judge Jack McBride
Comedian Dave Johns
Drinker Vin Welch
Tommy Chris Connel
Blind neighbour Mike Elliott
Mrs Williams Jackie Knowles
Seamen's hostel manager Darren Beaumont
Director Daniel O'Hara
Producer Suzan Harrison
Writer Peter Flannery
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