The Corrie Years

The Headline Makers

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Headline Makers



When it comes to grabbing press coverage, nobody does it better than Deirdre. Her 1983 affair with Mike Baldwin led to articles entitled, “Don’t Do It!”, while her 1998 imprisonment angered The Sun and even PM Tony Blair enough for them to call for the release of “the Weatherfield One”.

In fact, she crops up so much in this enjoyable overview of headline-making plotlines that it might as well just be a history of her oversized glasses. Personally, I’ve always liked her startled-owl appearance from the mid-80s, a look intensified by Ken’s attempts at strangulation.

Away from the Barlows, we have Sarah Louise mistaking her teen pregnancy for weight gain and the horrible case of art imitating life for Sally Dyvenor when she discovered that she, like her character, had breast cancer. But the biggest revelation for Street fans will be the previously unseen material from 1963 of Sheila Birtles’ suicide attempt. Not surprisingly, actress Eileen Mayers (who sees the cut footage for the first time here) prefers the original unaired scenes, which still happen to pack quite a punch.


Documentary chronicling 50 years of Coronation Street storylines that have become national talking points, featuring interviews with cast members past and present, plus classic clips. The first edition recalls the plots that made front-page news, including Deirdre's imprisonment in 1998 and Sarah-Louise's pregnancy in 2000, as well as a 1960s storyline so controversial that it was never screened. Narrated by David Morrissey.
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