Men Behaving Badly


Series 6 - Episode 6 Sofa



Gary realises it is high time he got rid of his moth-eaten, flea-ridden, beer-soaked sofa of 25 years - leading to a trip down memory lane reliving his youth, his first day at work and his meeting with Dorothy. Tony makes an unwise purchase when he buys a snake from a man in the pub.

Cast & Crew

Gary Martin Clunes
Tony Neil Morrissey
Dorothy Caroline Quentin
Deborah Leslie Ash
George Ian Lindsay
Anthea Valerie Minifie
Young Gary Luke Gregory
Tony's mate 1 Paul Stacey
Tony's mate 2 Paul Bigley
Schoolgirl Barbara Durkin
Shy girl Michele Winstanley
Cool girl Martha Cope
Serious girl Diane O'Kelly
Director Martin Dennis
Producer Beryl Vertue
Writer Simon Nye
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