Love and Rocket

Series 4 - Episode 5 Love and Rocket



Bender begins dating the Planet Express ship, but soon grows bored and decides to dump her - just when she is flying the crew away from a furious Omicronian death fleet. The robot is forced to agree to merge his programming with his former lover's, while Fry and Leela desperately try to shut her down before she can fly them all into a quasar. Featuring the voices of Sigourney Weaver and Lucy Liu.

Cast & Crew

Philip J Fry/Prof Farnsworth/Dr Zoidberg Billy West
Leela Katey Sagal
Bender Bending Rodriguez John DiMaggio
Planet Express Ship Sigourney Weaver
Herself Lucy Liu
Director Brian Sheesley
Writer Dan Vebber
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Drama Comedy