The Fourth Horseman - Part Two

Series 9 - Episode 11 The Fourth Horseman - Part Two



Part two of two. Jackson and Mitchell try to capture the Prior influencing the Sodan race, while Carter and Orlin search for a vaccine for the insidious plague - which is quickly spreading through the ranks of SGC. Gerak continues to muster his forces against the team, and the secrets of the Ori master plan are revealed. Starring Ben Browder and Michael Shanks.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col Cameron Mitchell Ben Browder
Dr Daniel Jackson Michael Shanks
Samantha Carter Amanda Tapping
Teal'c Christopher Judge
Gen Hank Landry Beau Bridges
Orlin Cameron Bright
Prior William B Davis
Dr Carolyn Lam Lexa Doig
Gerak Louis Gossett Jnr
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