Series 2 - Episode 6



Donald and Jacqueline help Kelly take revenge on Mateo in their own unique way, while Janice gets back at Mick for forgetting their anniversary by enjoying the flattering attentions of handsome young admirer Jack. Comedy, with Siobhan Finneran and Jake Canuso.

Cast & Crew

Troy Paul Bazely
Martin Weedon Nicholas Burns
Mateo Jake Canuso
Kate Weedon Abigail Cruttenden
Jacqueline Stewart Janine Duvitski
Chantelle Garvey Hannah Hobley
Mel Geoffrey Hutchings
Janice Garvey Siobhan Finneran
Donald Stewart Kenny Ireland
Jack Elliott Jordan
Oracle's mum Elsie Kelly
Mick Garvey Steve Pemberton
Madge Sheila Reid
Janey York Crissy Rock
Gavin Hugh Sachs
Michael Garvey Oliver Stokes
Kelly Niky Wardley
The Oracle Johnny Vegas
Sylvia Wendy Richard
Director Sandy Johnson
Executive Producer Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
Writer Derren Litten
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