Series 7 - Episode 6 Lara



Kara is captured while searching for her missing crystal and interrogated with a kryptonite-laced serum that makes her relive a past trip to Earth, during which she followed Clark's biological mother Lara to the Kents' farm. Guest starring Helen Slater, who played the role of Kara in 1984 film Supergirl.

Cast & Crew

Clark Kent Tom Welling
Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk
Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum
Martha Kent Annette O'Toole
Chloe Sullivan Allison Mack
Kara Laura Vandervoort
Lionel Luthor John Glover
Jimmy Olsen Aaron Ashmore
Technician Chris Kelly
Agent Walker Kim Coates
Lara-El Helen Slater
Zor-El Christopher Heyerdahl
Isis Receptionist Heather Doerksen
Director James Conway
Writer Don Whitehead
Writer Holly Henderson
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