The Hen House

Series 3 - Episode 21 The Hen House



The case of an ambitious newspaper reporter who was murdered in 1945 is reopened when new evidence suggests she was thrown in front of a train by someone she knew. Lilly learns the journalist had several enemies, including a competitive co-worker and plenty of angry readers. Starring Kathryn Morris.

Cast & Crew

Lilly Rush Kathryn Morris
Scotty Valens Danny Pino
John Stillman John Finn
Nick Vera Jeremy Ratchford
Will Jeffries Thom Barry
Kat Miller Tracie Thoms
David Poole Michael Cavanaugh
Anton Bikker Todd Babcock
Johanna Hoffman Eve Brenner
Helen Russell K Callan
Helen Russell Aran Cravey
Arthur Poole Rodney Eastman
Anton Bikker Peter Graves
Birdie James Greene
Lo Kinney Michelle Harrison
Tommy Gillis Bob Pescovitz
David Poole Garrett Ryan
Birdie Justin Scot
Johanna Hoffman Carolyn Stotes
McDuff Steve Vinovich
Director David Von Ancken
Writer Craig Turk
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