Shuffle, Ball Change

Series 4 - Episode 17 Shuffle, Ball Change



Construction workers find a decomposed body on a building site, and Rush reopens the case of a grocery clerk who went missing in 1984, when his ambition to become a dancer brought him more enemies than friends.

Cast & Crew

Lilly Rush Kathryn Morris
Scotty Valens Danny Pino
John Stillman John Finn
Nick Vera Jeremy Ratchford
Will Jeffries Thom Barry
Kat Miller Tracie Thoms
Dr Octavius Leroy Obba Babatunde
Isaac Keller John Diehl
Grant Hall Greg Finley
Maurice Hall Nathan Halliday
Crystal Stacy Tanya Chisholm
Pat Hall Chris Mulkey
Grant Hall Don Swayze
Crystal Stacy Vanessa Williams
Carlos Garcia Mauricio Mendoza
Frannie Ching Susan Chuang
Director Mark Pellington
Writer Liz Garcia
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