Everybody Loves Raymond

Look, Don't Touch

Series 1 - Episode 5 Look, Don't Touch

Sunday 7:35am - 8am Channel 4


Debra becomes jealous of a waitress who catches Ray's eye. Although the situation is perfectly innocent, the couple soon blow everything out of all proportion.

Cast & Crew

Ray Barone Ray Romano
Debra Barone Patricia Heaton
Marie Barone Doris Roberts
Robert Barone Brad Garrett
Frank Barone Peter Boyle
Michael Barone Sullivan Sweeten
Geoffrey Barone Sawyer Sweeten
Ally Barone Madylin Sweeten
Suzy Susan Varon
Bernie Tom McGowan
Nemo Joseph V Perry
Angelina Tina Arning
Director Jeff Meyer
Writer Lew Schneider
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