Everybody Loves Raymond

Fascinatin' Debra

Series 1 - Episode 21 Fascinatin' Debra

Fri 27 Oct 8:35am - 9:10am Channel 4


A psychotherapist arrives to interview Debra for a book on the American family, but finds the rest of the household far more captivating, leaving the humble housewife feeling left out.

Cast & Crew

Ray Barone Ray Romano
Debra Barone Patricia Heaton
Robert Barone Brad Garrett
Marie Barone Doris Roberts
Frank Barone Peter Boyle
Ally Barone Madylin Sweeten
Michael Barone Sullivan Sweeten
Geoffrey Barone Sawyer Sweeten
Dr Nora Mary Kay Adams
Director Jeff Meyer
Writer Tucker Cawley
Writer Jeremy Stevens
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