Arrested Development

Prison Break-In

Series 3 - Episode 7 Prison Break-In



Buster's turtle discovers Oscar's stash of marijuana and the family plan a fundraising benefit for Tobias' life-threatening hair transplant. Meanwhile, Michael disapproves of Lucille dating the warden behind his father's back.

Cast & Crew

Michael Bluth Jason Bateman
Lindsay Funke Portia de Rossi
George Oscar `Gob' Bluth II Will Arnett
George Michael Bluth Michael Cera
Mae `Maeby' Funke Alia Shawkat
Tobias Funke David Cross
George Bluth Sr Jeffrey Tambor
Buster Bluth Tony Hale
Lucille Bluth Jessica Walter
Actor Ron Howard
Director Bob Berlinger
Writer Karey Dornetto
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