Diagnosis Murder

Murder by the Busload

Series 4 - Episode 9 Murder by the Busload



The victims of a bus accident all become suspects in a murder investigation, presenting Dr Sloan with a fresh mystery to solve. Starring Dick Van Dyke.

Cast & Crew

Dr Mark Sloan Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Livingston Victoria Rowell
Lt Steve Sloan Barry Van Dyke
Norman Briggs Michael Tucci
Dr Jesse Travis Charlie Schlatter
Nurse Nancy Rush Nancy Youngblut
Dustin Woods Richard Riehle
Tanya Wells Kathy Evison
EMT Roy Wells Kevin Richardson
Sara Gilbey Danielle Nicolet
Melora Jackson Marietta De Prima
Bud Flanek Joseph Whipp
Director Christian I Nyby II
Writer Lee Goldberg
Writer William Rabkin
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