Murder in the Air

Series 4 - Episode 23 Murder in the Air



The co-pilot of a plane carrying Dr Sloan to a conference is murdered by persons unknown mid-flight, and the remainder of the crew members find themselves struck down by a mystery illness. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke.

Cast & Crew

Dr Mark Sloan Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Livingston Victoria Rowell
Lt Steve Sloan Barry Van Dyke
Norman Briggs Michael Tucci
Dr Jesse Travis Charlie Schlatter
Martin Donner King Maury Sterling
Sid Gordan Alan Blumenfeld
Deb Lange Karen Moncrieff
Helen Krutch Frances Bay
Capt George Lincoln Mark La Mura
Randy Thompson DC Douglas
Ryan Anderson Ron Perkins
Director Tom Chehak
Writer Tom Chehak
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