Retribution - Part One

Series 5 - Episode 13 Retribution - Part One



Part one of two. Dr Sloan is arrested and jailed for the murder of Gordon Ganza, a Mob boss suspected of ordering an attempt on Steve's life. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke and Victoria Rowell.

Cast & Crew

Dr Mark Sloan Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Bentley Victoria Rowell
Lt Steve Sloan Barry Van Dyke
Dr Jesse Travis Charlie Schlatter
Police Chief Masters Fred Dryer
Tanis Archer Susan Gibney
Gordon Ganza Jack Carter
Judge Bartlett June Claman
Ross Canin Neal McDonough
Malcolm Trainor Dennis Lipscomb
DA Sandra Ellison Connie Blankenship
Spring Dano Allison Dunbar
Director Christian I Nyby II
Writer Lee Goldberg
Writer William Rabkin
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