John Bishop: In Conversation with Joan Collins

John Bishop: In Conversation with Joan Collins

Series 3



Maybe it’s the host’s droning delivery but, given that a bona fide star is in the building, this is a low-wattage encounter, until Dame Joan starts to open up about her private life.

She talks of her early peak in Hollywood, motherhood, how ex-hubby Anthony Newley “insulted me every night in his act” in Las Vegas, and how six weeks turned into nine years on Dynasty. One of the two clips in this cheap-as-chips production is from the US soap – the Alexis/Krystle handbags-in-lily-pond catfight. Always a hoot. Though Collins asserts, “I don’t have venom in my soul.”


The comedian is joined by actress Joan Collins, who discusses launching her Hollywood career at the age of 22, her relationship with her sister Jackie, and married life.

Cast & Crew

Presenter John Bishop
Guest Joan Collins