Super Small Animals

Super Small Animals
Monday 8am - 9am BBC Two
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Fresh from introducing us to the world’s tiniest canine (the fennec fox) in his Sky 1 series Dogs: an Amazing Animal Family, Patrick Aryee looks at some other fantastically small creatures. Among them are little hummingbirds, a chameleon that can fit on a fingertip and a hippo that looks as if it’s been shrunk in the wash.

Being small can be a disadvantage so he investigates the ingenious ways some animals have found to overcome this challenge. Equally, being pint-sized can work in a critter’s favour, and he shows us one tiny predator that, despite its size, takes on some of the largest and most dangerous animals on the planet.


Patrick Aryee investigates the world of miniature creatures, from a primate no bigger than a mouse to a chameleon that can fit on a human fingertip, finding out what makes them some of the most successful animals on the planet. He reveals how the smallest armadillo manages to control its temperature in the searing desert sun, and meets a scientist who studies how really tiny spiders have a surprising trick that enables them to travel an incredible 40 miles a day using almost no energy.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Patrick Ayree
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Executive Producer Doug Hope
Producer Kirstine Davidson
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