World War One Remembered: Passchendaele

World War One Remembered: Passchendaele

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Passchendaele is a terrible scar on Britain and its army. Not just for the scale of the losses, eye-watering even by First World War standards, but also for the muddy, bloody folly of it all. Many of the more than 250,000 British Empire casualties were cut down not by German gunfire but drowned in the quagmire over the near-futile five-month course of the fighting.

Appropriately, the BBC is marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the assault, also known as the third Battle of Ypres, with a series of live programmes. The first, hosted by Kirsty Young, comes from the centenary commemorations in Belgium. This is followed by a what promises to be a deeply moving event in the Market Square of Ypres, where the imposing façade of the historic Cloth Hall will be illuminated with projections and lights as the backdrop to special live performances.


Kirsty Young introduces live coverage from Flanders, Belgium, of the ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War battle. This is followed by a dramatic event staged in Ypres that tells the story of the battle and those involved in it, as well as performances from Alfie Boe, War Horse and the cast of The Wipers' Times. Dan Snow reports from the streets of Ypres.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kirsty Young
Reporter Dan Snow
Contributor Ian Hislop
Performer Alfie Boe
Executive Producer Claire Popplewell
Executive Producer Claire Hughes
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