The Accused: An Inside Job?

The Accused: An Inside Job?



The real-crime genre is on a roll right now; this offers a different angle. Instead of following the police as they investigate a crime, we follow the man accused of it, in this case Lukasz, a clean-cut bank employee charged with stealing the life savings of a 78-year-old customer.

Lukasz denies the charges and opens up to the cameras in the months leading up to the trial, so we see the story unfold from his point of view – and understand what a conviction would do to him and his family. The heart of the programme is: do we believe him? And as it progresses, you may find your sympathies veer back and forth. It makes for a gripping, unsettling piece of TV.


Documentary following the journey through the criminal justice system of 32-year-old bank worker Lukasz, charged with stealing tens of thousands of pounds from the account of an elderly lady at a branch of Santander. Lukasz, who came to the UK from Poland seven years ago, vehemently denies the charges, but is already feeling the impact of being accused having lost his job, had his bank accounts frozen, and his young brother and step-mother have had to move 400 miles away to Scotland.

Cast & Crew

Director Rob McCabe
Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Producer Xander Brinkworth
Producer Charlotte Sinden
Documentary Reality