Man in an Orange Shirt

Man in an Orange Shirt

Series 1 - Episode 1



Lovers Michael Berryman, a demobbed soldier, and war artist Thomas March have a brief, blissful time in a country cottage in 1944 where they can be together in romance, secrecy and stylish knitwear.

But alas, these golden days must end all too soon. Michael (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) returns to London to marry his sweet, naive fiancée, Flora, while a very angry Thomas (James McArdle) lives a dangerous life in a country where being gay is illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

This thoughtful two-part romance from novelist Patrick Gale is layered with sadness: that of Michael, trapped in a life where he doesn’t belong no matter hard he tries to conform; Thomas, unhappy without his love and risking pick-ups in public places; and Flora (Joanna Vanderham), made wretched by being married to a gay man who can’t ever love her wholly and truly.


Part one of two. Drama by Patrick Gale about two love affairs 60 years apart - stories linked by family and a painting, with a secret that echoes down the generations. Captain Michael Berryman and Thomas March meet towards the end of the Second World War and enjoy a brief relationship in a secluded cottage when they return to Britain after the end of the conflict. Michael then goes back to London to his fiance Flora, while Thomas opts for the relative freedom of Soho. Starring James McArdle and Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

Cast & Crew

Mrs March Frances de la Tour
Michael Berryman Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Thomas March James McArdle
Flora Talbot Joanna Vanderham
Daphne Laura Carmichael
Adam Berryman Julian Morris
Flora Berryman Vanessa Redgrave
Lucien Adrian Schiller
Pte Begley James Godden
Pte Bates Tommy Bastow
Maj Fanshawe Andrew Havill
Travis Ben Barker
Wykeham Oliver Finnegan
Headmaster William Hoyland
Registrar Paul Clayton
Midwife Elizabeth Edmonds
Shopwalker Ed White
Robert Arthur Bateman
Director Michael Samuels
Producer Lisa Osborne
Writer Patrick Gale
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