Is It Safe to Be Gay in the UK?

Is It Safe to Be Gay in the UK?
Friday 12:15am - 1:15am BBC Two
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The answer to the question posed by the title is “not really”. This heartbreaking documentary features stories of pointless, brutal violence and savagery.

Ian Baynham was homophobically abused before being punched to the ground and repeatedly stamped upon. He died later in hospital. Boyfriends James and Dain were on a night out on Brighton when they were targeted, chased from a nightclub and kicked to the pavement.

Lesbian couple Alex and Becky were punched, and Connor was so ferociously attacked by a man with a hammer that it was embedded in his head. It’s a dreadful litany of violence, but there are voices of hope, too, as gay men and women insist that they won’t be cowed by fear.


With homophobic hate crime a daily occurrence and on the rise in the UK, this film takes a look at the issue, and tells the stories of the victims, their families and the police that deal with the attacks. To explore the ongoing issue, this film hears from a chorus of LGBT victims who recall their experiences, and discuss how they dealt with such unprovoked attacks, simply for being who they are.

Cast & Crew

Director Mark Henderson
Producer Joe Fowler