Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Series 6 - Episode 3 Manila



Is it 25 years of being in and out of Albert Square that has made Ross Kemp so hardened to disaster and tragedy? Maybe not, but seeing how unflappable the actor is as he squares up to hitmen and drug dealers is genuinely remarkable.

This edition uncovers the dark underbelly of crystal meth use in the Philippines and the country’s new — and highly controversial — president Rodrigo Duterte. Despite being loved by many, his zero tolerance policy on drug abuse is shocking. Under his rule so far, 3,000 suspected drug dealers and users have been killed and, as Kemp discovers, it’s the police who appear to be the ones giving the orders.


The actor heads to the Philippines, where he meets those affected by the killing of thousands of suspects in President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drug.