Blind Date

Series 1 - Episode 6



Much like the late Cilla Black, Paul O’Grady has a very easy manner and oozes a natural warmth for the contestants on Blind Date. The difference is, whereas Cilla was always eager to buy herself a hat, Paul isn’t so keen. “If there’s a wedding, I might come,” he mutters during tonight’s episode. “I’m not mad on weddings… but I might come.”

O’Grady is undoubtedly at his absolute best when he’s rolling his eyes in mock exasperation and ad-libbing with the singletons away from the autocue. As flight attendant Sophie and Ted from Bromsgrove settle on the stool, many of the double entendres that fly back and forth err rather on the saucy side for early evening. Which, of course, is no bad thing.


The dating game show concludes, as Paul O'Grady sets out to help two more singletons find romance. This time, he lends his assistance to Sophie, a flight attendant who hopes to find a cheeky chap who can love her in spite of her goofy, childlike ways. Also seeking a spark of attraction is Ted, a business development manager who is looking for a kind-hearted girlfriend who is also independent and ambitious. Plus, Paul catches up with last week's couples to find out how whether their dates were a success. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Host Paul O'Grady
Executive Producer Graham Stuart
Executive Producer Kieran Doherty
Executive Producer Matthew Worthy
Producer Reech Bloch
Series Producer Shane Byrne
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