Enemy Fire

Series 4 - Episode 2 Enemy Fire



This typically melancholy episode from 2004 revolves around Digby Manor, a stately pile near Hastings (of which, in Foyle’s War, there seem to be any number) that has been requisitioned to become a burns hospital. But nasty accidents start happening at the unit and there are worrying developments elsewhere, too.

Foyle’s son Andrew, a Spitfire pilot, has reached a crisis in his flying career; a dodgy RAF mechanic is getting fresh with Hastings housewives; and Foyle’s sidekick Paul Milner believes the doctor who operated on his shattered leg is acting strangely. The disparate elements come together to tell a delicate story about how the war scarred ordinary people and their relationships.


Foyle responds to complaints of sabotage at an RAF burns hospital and uncovers adultery and murder within the medical unit. As the hunt for the guilty party intensifies, the detective discovers his son Andrew could be a suspect and is shocked when he hears he has been reported missing from his barracks. Wartime crime drama, starring Michael Kitchen, John Wood, Honeysuckle Weeks and Julian Ovenden.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Sam Stewart Honeysuckle Weeks
Paul Milner Anthony Howell
Sir Michael Waterford John Wood
Mrs Roecastle Sandra Voe
Patrick Jamieson Bill Paterson
Sgt Eric Rivers Geoffrey Freshwater
Dr Brian Wrenn Jonathan Slinger
Gordon Drake Shaun Dooley
Beryl Drake Charlotte Emmerson
Matron Grace Petrie Dearbhla Molloy
Grp Cpt Lawrence Smythe Peter Blythe
Andrew Foyle Julian Ovenden
Greville Woods Simon Wood
Peter Preston Richard Huw
Wing Cdr Turner Martin Turner
Mary Wrenn Alexandra Moen
Anne Bolton Jemma Powell
Johnny Bridges John Lloyd Fillingham
Erk 1 Gareth Glen
Erk 2 Duncan Watkinson
Patient as Foyle Bennet Thorpe
Patient as Jamieson Richard Henders
Pianist Colin Sell
Director Jeremy Silberston
Executive Producer Jill Green
Executive Producer Anthony Horowitz
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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