Home and Away

Episode 6671



Nate takes Leah kayaking to cheer her up and it is clear that there is a spark between them, while John gives in to Marilyn's pleading and arranges another counselling session.

Cast & Crew

Alf Stewart Ray Meagher
Roo Stewart Georgie Parker
Leah Patterson-Baker Ada Nicodemou
VJ Patterson Matthew Little
Zac MacGuire Charlie Clausen
Justin Morgan James Stewart
Tori Morgan Penny McNamee
Brody Morgan Jackson Heywood
Mason Morgan Orpheus Pledger
Raffaela Morrison Olivia Deeble
Katarina Chapman Pia Miller
Hunter King Scott Lee
Martin `Ash' Ashford George Mason
Olivia Fraser Richards Raechelle Banno
Irene Roberts Lynne McGranger
Nathaniel `Nate' Cooper Kyle Pryor
John Palmer Shane Withington
James Edmunds Tim Ross
Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons
Morag Bellingham Cornelia Frances
Dr Bernice Chung Karen Pang
Lena Ascot Felicity McKay
Ava Gilbert-Lee Grace Thomas
Brian Gilbert Tom O'Sullivan
Scarlett Snow Tania Nolan
David Mayvers Noel Hodda
Jett Palmer Will McDonald
William Zannis Caleb Alloway
Dr Bailey Voss Travis Jeffery
Producer Lucy Addario
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