Series 1 - Episode 5



Dynasty sur Mer, as this big-budget show has been nicknamed, is finally beginning to live up to its potential. Julia Stiles’s widow Georgina decides to play dirty and takes her heroin-addicted stepson prisoner, hoping he’ll spill secrets in exchange for his next fix. While he’s sweating and cussing in daddy’s secret lair, his real mother throws a party worthy of an oligarch – oblivious to the fact that a malevolent interloper is serving the dainty canapés and topping up the champagne flutes. The night spirals out of control in a slick, intoxicating episode where even the lonely little sister is up to no good. There’s an excellent soundtrack, too.


A frustrated Georgina uses the Clios Foundation's lavish gala as an opportunity to pin down a person of interest, but the party receives an uninvited guest.

Cast & Crew

Georgina Clios Julia Stiles
Constantine Clios Anthony LaPaglia
Irina Lena Olin
Adam Clios Iwan Rheon
Christos Clios Dimitri Leonidas
Robert Carver Adrian Lester
Adriana Clios Roxane Duran
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