How to Get Away with Murder

We're Good People Now

Series 3 - Episode 1 We're Good People Now



It’s the third outing for this series, which smartly turns the usual legal drama trope – of “goodies” fighting valiantly for justice – on its head. For Annalise Keating (played with relish by Viola Davis) and her students, concepts like truth or innocence are irrelevant – what matters is winning, however high the cost.

The second series saw a spate of killings, a bit of incest and the unearthing of deep-seated family traumas. In this opener we revisit a difficult summer for the Keating Five, as Annalise tries to track down Frank – and it doesn’t take long for another body to join the pile.


New series. The students enter their second year of law school - but with Wallace's murder unsolved and Frank's whereabouts unknown, they struggle to move on. Legal drama, starring Viola Davis.

Cast & Crew

Annalise Keating Viola Davis
Nate Lahey Billy Brown
Wes Gibbins Alfred Enoch
Connor Walsh Jack Falahee
Michaela Pratt Aja Naomi King
Asher Millstone Matt McGorry
Oliver Hampton Conrad Ricamora
Laurel Castillo Karla Souza
Frank Delfino Charlie Weber
Bonnie Winterbottom Liza Weil
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