Episode 7876



#Robron fans aren’t going to like the big question being asked in tonight’s double bill: are Robert and Aaron going to split up? Yes, the couple with the most loyal fanbase are on the rocks – a plotline that will surely have devotees seething at the scriptwriters. But what is Emmerdale to do? Just have Robert and Aaron being happy as they picnic in the Dales and gambol in fields?

Everybody knows that, where soaps are concerned, contentment doesn’t make for good drama. But perhaps there could be other plotlines to be conceived that don’t involve potential break-ups? The trouble is, #Robron have now done it all: stunts, self-harm, abuse, flatlining hospital monitors... where could the show possibly take them next?


Debbie tries to convince Cain that his relationship with Harriet will bring nothing but trouble, and realise she may have to choose where her loyalties lie - with Cain or Moira. Robert makes a bold proposal, and Finn tries to prove he can be a useful employee at Home Farm - but ends up trying a little too hard.

Cast & Crew

Debbie Dingle Charley Webb
Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley
Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley
Finn Barton Joe Gill
Lachlan White Thomas Atkinson
Director Alan Wareing
Executive Producer John Whiston
Series Producer Iain MacLeod
Writer Linton Chiswick
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