The Week the Landlords Moved In

The Week the Landlords Moved In

Series 1 - Episode 3



After the first programme in this enjoyable series, I doubted whether the producers could keep finding good characters to put through the life-swap format, which shines such an unforgiving light on buy-to-let landlords and tenants alike – though to be fair, mostly the former. But this week’s subjects are as well cast as ever, especially devout Christian Samuel, 25, who earns what he calls a “passive income” of £10k a month and says proudly, “I probably spend less than five minutes a month managing my portfolio.”

Samuel and his wife Amanda go to stay at one of his properties in Durham, where he bumps up against a recurring theme of the show: tenants who are loath to make a fuss about grim problems in their homes for fear of being turfed out or having their rent hiked; and landlords who ignore complaints anyway. When the ceiling’s caving in, that’s bad all round.


Birmingham landlord Samuel is just 25 but already has a portfolio of 13 properties worth more than £1million in total, and lives off the combined rental income with his wife Amanda. The couple spend a week living in one of their houses, rented by mother-of-two Marie, to experience life from her perspective. Also taking part are husband-and-wife duo Paul and Sharon from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, who move into a two-bedroom flat rented by Chris and Courtney. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Director Bill Bailey
Executive Producer Kathryn Lennox
Executive Producer Hannah Wyatt
Series Producer Emily Smith