The Windsors

Series 2 - Episode 2



This episode is so joyously silly you half expect Graham Chapman’s Monty Python colonel to appear and call a halt to proceedings as Wills learns to banter among his helicopter crew-mates and Richard Goulding’s fabulously dim Harry opens a nightclub. The wonderful Beatrice (Ellie White) and Eugenie (Celeste Dring) are obvious choices to work the door, with poor Edward handing out sweets in the loo. Kate (Louise Ford), who is starting to yearn for her carefree youth, proves a rather accomplished DJ – but can she combine royal duties with banging out monster tunes? And when will Harry learn that clubbers generally pay for their drinks? Marvellous stuff.


Reliving his clubbing heyday, Harry buys a nightclub and asks Kate to be the DJ, while Beatrice and Eugenie work the door. Charles introduces lizards into his garden as pest control, but things get out of hand, and Wills needs to complete his helicopter training.

Cast & Crew

Charles Harry Enfield
Wills Hugh Skinner
Camilla Haydn Gwynne
Pippa Morgana Robinson
Kate Louise Ford
Fergie Katy Wix
Harry Richard Goulding
Edward Matthew Cottle
Beatrice Ellie White
Eugenie Celeste Dring
Baxter Donovan F Blackwood
Henry V Jolyon Coy
Hughes Alex Harries
Director Adam Miller
Executive Producer Camilla Campbell
Executive Producer Robert Wulff-Cochrane
Executive Producer George Jeffrie
Executive Producer Bert Tyler-Moore
Producer Izzy Mant
Writer George Jeffrie
Writer Bert Tyler-Moore
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