The Law of Inevitability

Series 3 - Episode 7 The Law of Inevitability



If you had any doubt about VM Varga’s villainy, the opening scene in which he opens Emmit’s Christmas presents show him to be one of TV’s all-time wrong ’uns. And, with Ray out of the way, his devilish plot to frame his girlfriend Nikki is working nicely – he just needs her dead.

It’s another tense and thrilling visit to okily-dokily Minnesota, where the homespun certainties don’t feel so reassuring when spouted by the asinine “new chief”. He’s still striving to stop Carrie Coon’s fabulous Gloria Burgle from piecing the case together. “Only an intellectual could believe anything so stupid,” he tells her, before a terrifying climax proves who the doofus really is.


Nicki is arrested in connection with Ray's death and is questioned by Chief Dammik, who suspects that she killed him in retaliation for abuse, while Gloria asks Winnie to tell Emmit about his brother and gauge his reaction. Black comedy drama, starring Ewan McGregor and Carrie Coon.

Cast & Crew

Emmit Stussy/Ray Stussy Ewan McGregor
Gloria Burgle Carrie Coon
Nikki Swango Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Yuri Gurka Goran Bogdan
VM Varga David Thewlis
Sy Feltz Michael Stuhlbarg
Moe Dammick Shea Whigham
Donny Mashman Mark Forward
Winnie Lopez Olivia Sandoval
Mr Wrench Russell Harvard
Golem DJ Qualls
Ruby Goldfarb Mary McDonnell
Meemo Andy Yu
Director Mike Barker
Writer Noah Hawley
Writer Matt Wolpert
Writer Ben Nedivi
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Comedy Drama