Phil Spencer: Find Me a Home

Phil Spencer: Find Me a Home


Phil Spencer embarks on a home hunt with a difference. He’s not looking for detached thatched cottages in the Cotswolds for couples with a £750,000 budget – instead he’s looking for homes for the homeless. Or, in the case of Corvel, Meyrem and their son CJ, the badly housed. The couple pay more than £900 a month to live in a condemned cockroach-and-rat-infested council flat in London. Spencer starts out quite chipper but discovers there is hardly anywhere that people on their incomes can afford to rent.

In Kent he tries to help Bibi and her son who have been made homeless after the cottage they’ve lived in for 15 years were bought by developers.


Phil tries to help two families who have been made homeless, but is shocked by the terrible housing conditions so many people are forced to endure. Corvel and Meyrem are a hard-working couple from Southwark in London, who are being evicted from their one-bedroom cockroach and rat-infested flat, while Bibi and her 15-year-old son Oscar were evicted from the home they'd lived in for 15 years and have hit a brick wall when it comes to finding a new place.

Cast & Crew

Director Katy Bird
Executive Producer Sarah Walmsley
Executive Producer Jo Scott
Producer Katy Bird