Grandad, Dementia & Me

Grandad, Dementia & Me


This could be seen as a companion piece to last night’s Storyville about Morgan Matthews’s father. Matthews is executive producer here for another film about a father figure in steep decline, this time film-maker Dominic Sivyer’s grandfather, with whom he spent much of his childhood.

Tom Sivyer was a successful haulier who in 2014 was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Watching how the disease turns a big, charming character into an aggressive, confused shadow of himself is not easy, but Dominic’s willingness to chart every argument, every piece of denial (“I don’t feel ill at all… What’s mental about me?” Tom asks) is brave.


Moving and intimate documentary following Tom Sivyer and his family after he is diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2014, filmed by his grandson Dominic. Shot over two years, the film captures Tom's rapid mental decline, and the attempts of his family to care for a once fiercely independent and proud man.

Cast & Crew

Director Dominic Sivyer