If you can get past host Jeff Goldblum’s mannered presenting style, then there’s a decent report from activist Dan Savage on life for LGBTQ people in India, where homosexuality is illegal. While he is bemused to hear the Delhi police district commissioner proclaim that a spell in prison can cure homosexuality, the stories he hears of police extortion are even more worrying.

Meanwhile, gay dating apps seem to be the only safe space for homosexuals – until we hear the horrifying testimony of a gay man lured to a hotel and raped by a gang of men. It’s an important subject, but again it’s marred by its overly tricksy presentation.


Dan Savage investigates the challenges faced by gay men in India, where there are laws against homosexuality. Plus, Jeff Goldblum talks to Freakonomics co-author Stephen J Dubner.

Cast & Crew

Host Jeff Goldblum
Reporter Dan Savage
Guest Stephen J Dubner