I Know Who You Are

I Know Who You Are

Series 1 - Episode 5



Hotshot solicitor Elias claims to have amnesia after a car crash, but then he might be pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone who’s searching for his missing niece, Ana.

There are so many legal teams involved in the case, it’s hard to tell who’s working for whom, but Elias is persuaded to take a proper scientific test to see if he’s kidding, as representatives of the various sides look on.

There’s a very high plot-thread count in this twisty Spanish thriller so pay attention, though I must admit the intricacies of the Spanish judicial system are starting to wear me down. But at its heart I Know Who You Are is a drama about families with secrets.


Eva Duran and David Vila secretly observe Juan Elias's therapy sessions, and in a flashback, Alicia reveals she knows about Ana's pregnancy. Spanish thriller, with Francesc Garrido.

Cast & Crew

Juan Elias Francesc Garrido
Alicia Castro Blanca Portillo
Eva Duran Aida Folch
David Vila Carles Francino
Ramon Saura Nancho Novo
Ricardo S Heredia Antonio Dechent
Marta Hess Eva Santolaria
Silvia Castro Mar Sodupe
Ana Saura Susana Abaitua
Marc Castro Martino Rivas
Writer Pau Freixas
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