Episode 7892



The trial of Rob Titchener… sorry, Pierce Harris, reaches a climax as a verdict is reached. But following the conclusion of this particular court case, can we please get a break from coercive control plotlines on our soaps? After all, this Pierce/Rhona saga did have similarities with the Rob/Helen story on The Archers, which in itself bore something of a resemblance to Trevor/Little Mo on EastEnders.

So, yes, let’s just get shot of Pierce (either to jail or hounded out of the village by the locals) and manoeuvre Rhona back where she belongs – ie. with Paddy, who should now stick to comedy pratfalls and steer well clear of infidelity.


Rhona is left reeling as the verdict is reached in the trial, Chrissie has a meeting and Moira offers her advice.

Cast & Crew

Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry
Chrissie White Louise Marwood
Moira Dingle Natalie J Robb
Director Neil Johnston
Executive Producer John Whiston
Series Producer Iain MacLeod
Writer Caroline Mitchell
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